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The Exceptional Fund manages your Crypto assets so no matter whether the price goes up or down, you still make profits. It's that simple.

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Join the Cryptocurrency Revolution

It’s sweeping around the globe... and you have a limited window of opportunity to be a part of it.

Imagine owning a piece of the printing press... and profiting a little every time a page was printed. Or imagine owning a piece of the internet... and you profited a little every time a web page was posted.

That’s the opportunity you have now!


The Exceptional Fund

We provide you stability with maximum returns in cryptocurrency investments. The Exceptional Fund aims to provide a realistic and sustainable return on investment of approximately 5% a month, while drastically minimizing any loss potential.

Let's Talk about Bitcoin

Maybe you’ve heard about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Maybe you’ve heard how Bitcoin traded at an all-time high of nearly $20,000. That’s far and away the best performing currency in the universe of currencies. It’s performing better than any stock ever has.

Maybe you’ve heard that Bitcoin is in a “bubble.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

Bitcoin is for real, because Bitcoin has utility. It is technology that allows you to send wires anywhere around the world without wire fees. It allows you to send money on weekends and holidays. It requires no bank.

Backed By Mining

The US Dollar is backed by nothing. It is called fiat currency. It only has value because the US government says it has value.

Better then Gold

More gold can be found at any time. Bitcoin has a limited supply of 21,000,000 - no more can ever be created or found.

Hedge Against Inflation

The world's governments have a problem. They overprint money. The more inflation occurs with currency, the more Bitcoin will go up.

Why You Need The Exceptional Fund

If anybody can make cryptocurrency investments, then why do you need the Exceptional Fund?

Look At This Graph

As you can see the price is consistently going up. But you can also see a lot of dips. What if you could be making money, not only on the growth curve, but on the dips as well?

We’ve amassed a team of cutting edge cryptocurrency experts... who have a track record in one thing:

Making Crypto Investors into Crypto Millionaires.

They will not only capitalize on the tremendous gains we are seeing. They will also capitalize on the dips.

Don't risk your finances! Be smart and open your account with The Exceptional Fund for FREE!
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How Does The Exceptional Fund Work?

How Are These HIGH Returns Generated In Such A Volatile Environment?

Hourly/Daily Analysis

We perform a careful analysis of the crypto ecosystem hourly by aggregating the latest rumours, news, fears and facts and make investment decisions based on them. We also minimize risk of loss with a strict stop loss and proprietary trailing stop loss system that allows us to chase higher profits while cutting risks. We have a team of expert investors, researchers and traders that work around the clock. We also utilize cross-platform arbitrage to capitalize on exchange fluctuations so you can profit!

Reserve Fund

We take a cautious approach towards sustainability and long-term asset protection. Portions of profits go towards a reserve fund that is in place to alleviate any risks. A rigorous money management regime allows us to give our investors full flexibility on their funds.

Secure & Safe

The Exceptional Fund has been coded with a security first mindset. It has been coded without third party involvement by a small team of top developers. The members area and the funds are completely segregated and funds are placed in cold storage offline to prevent theft while not trading. 2 factor authentication and SMS validation have been integrated to provide additional layers of security and give investors peace of mind.

Diverse Investments

We invest in multiple Crypto Currencies and base our trading strategy off high-yield, short-term hold trades which pull out profits from the market daily, while keeping the portfolio diverse,

Low Operating Costs

We’ve designed the Exceptional Fund to operate without all the flashy and expensive extras. No sprawling offices or masses of employees. Our highly skilled trading team works on performance and performance only. Our focus is high returns, always.

You're in Control

Manage Your Online Investment with Ease... Replenish, Withdraw, Redistribute with virtually no limitations.

Live "Read Only" Account

The Exceptional Fund has been battle tested for over 14 months and we've been making consistent returns like clockwork.

Using a combination of our proprietary system, trading algorithms, professional traders and exhaustive research, we are able to capture these gains over and over.

Click on the image below to view a live "Read Only" account from one of our actual investors:

*Account shared with investors permission.

Investment & Profit Calculator

Calculate the year ending profit on your investments made with 5% ROI monthly.

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    For example you are making 5% profit on your investment each month and you are reinvesting 50% of the profit amount you made.
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What Our Clients Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions can be found below. Please contact us at [email protected] if you have further questions and we’ll be happy to help.

What is the Exceptional Fund?
The Exceptional Fund is a Cryptocurrency asset management company specialised in trading cryptocurrencies. We use a range of charting tools, monitor market fluctuations, follow fundamental news, apply advanced technical analysis and much more to ensure trades are profitable. Our values are to act with integrity in all we do to work in true partnership with our clients, provide exceptional service and support, safeguard our client’s interests wholeheartedly and commit to being always passionate and enthusiastic about our clients’ affairs.
What is the minimum investment?
The minimum deposit amount is $1,000 USD fundable in Bitcoin (BTC) or $10,000 USD fundable by wire transfer.
How can I invest into the Fund?
Simply click the "Sign Up" button at the top of the page to open your free account.
How can I fund my account?
Currently, we only accept funding in Bitcoin or via USD wire transfer at this time.
Can I see my returns in real-time?
Yes you can. We have a very powerful and secure members area backend where you can see your daily returns in real time, reinvest or withdraw profits and manage your account.
When can I withdraw my profits?
You can withdraw your profits anytime you'd like, however we have a maximum per withdrawl limit of 10% of your total account balance or $1,000 USD - whichever is higher to a maxiumm of $10,000 USD per withdrawal. This limit is due to funds being actively traded and a sudden withdrawal of a large amount of funds would hinder our ability to close open market trades at our own terms, diminishing profitability.
How risky is investing in the Exceptional Fund?
As with every investment, there is always an element of risk, so do not invest what you cannot afford to lose. Although we have been profitable every month for over a year and have never incurred any losses historically, trading carries a high degree of risk and the past does not guarantee the future. We have many internal measures in place as well as a reserve fund to alleviate as much risk as possible.
Is the Exceptional Fund a High Yield Investment Program (HYIP)?
Although with a return of 5% a month it could be considered as one, the Exceptional Fund is not related to the high return "get rich quick schemes" or "high yield investment programs" that plague the internet. All returns are generated trough genuine trading of crypto assets.
Do you guarantee the results?
As we have previously mentioned, we do not guarantee the results. At present, through our specialized trading techniques, we have been able to achieve a profit every month since the inception of the fund. As with any investment, do not invest what you cannot afford to loose.
How does the Exceptional Fund make profit?
The Exceptional Fund is a performance based crypto fund, so we don't make money unless you do. Our aim is to earn a little more than the 5% per month we pay out in profits, so we can use the difference to pay our traders, support staff and other costs and expenses.
What if I have a question that is not answered in this F.A.Q.
Please check to make sure your question is not covered in this FAQ or on our site - we like to focus our resources on trading :) However, if you still have an unanswered question, just use the form below to send us a support message and we will get back to you within 24 hours.